VLP Barbosa

VLP Barbosa, born in Aveiro, graduated in TV, Cinema and Theater by Arte6, graduated in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Ever since I can remember I have dreamed of imagining stories, creating characters…. and ever since I saw that magical box, with many different worlds that often brings people together I said to myself that I wanted to be part of that world. All possible and imaginary places were my magical box, it was my stage and I could play the hero or the villain, the witch or the princess and that is where I put my stories to paper.

Over the many paths I have travelled, this is the one that brings me true happiness.

When we do what we love, the world around us shines.

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Back Cover

Os Magóris

The Universe is infinite and full of mysteries to be unveiled. There is a little blue dot in it, called earth. This is where humans live. Behind the moon is a little planet, called the Unu planet, which is visible only to those whose hearts are pure. On this little planet there are kingdoms and counties, where the most fantastic beings live…